What makes Bliss Surrogacy unique?

Our agency is founded and operated by a former intended parent and surrogate. We have a firsthand understanding of the process from both sides, which means we can offer unique insights and guidance to surrogates and intended parents alike. Additionally, we have personal experience with the challenges and emotions involved, which makes us uniquely empathetic and supportive.

What is the typical duration of the surrogacy process?

The length of the surrogacy process varies depending on individual circumstances. Generally, intended parents can expect the process to take about a year and a half from signing on until the birth of their child. However, the duration can vary depending on legal requirements and the progress of the process.

What challenges should I anticipate as an intended parent?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with surrogacy, and the process can be emotionally taxing due to the inherent uncertainties of dealing with human bodies. Even with a perfect embryo, doctor, and surrogate, it may take several attempts before pregnancy is achieved. Intended parents also face the same risks that any pregnant woman or unborn baby would during the pregnancy.

What is the cost of having a child via surrogacy?

Several factors influence the cost of surrogacy, including the IVF clinic, the selected egg donor, and the possibility of twin pregnancies. Our agency works to minimize unnecessary fees, so surrogacy can be an affordable option for creating the family you desire. Once you contact us, we'll assess your situation and provide you with a cost estimate based on your needs.

Can I pursue surrogacy regardless of my relationship status?

Yes, you can! Our agency serves clients from diverse backgrounds and relationship statuses, including single parents and same-sex couples. Unlike some other countries, surrogacy is legal for all scenarios in California.

What legal protections are in place for me and my surrogate?

Both you and your surrogate will require legal representation from separate attorneys. Our agency partners with top legal firms in specializing in Reproductive Law and Surrogacy. Your legal team will create a surrogacy contract that safeguards your interests and those of the surrogate. Additionally, fees intended for the surrogate are held by an escrow company and are disbursed in stages to the providers and surrogate throughout the contract and pregnancy.

Can I use your agency if I reside outside the United States?

Yes, we specialize in assisting intended parents from around the world. Our process minimizes the need for frequent travel, but if you wish to be present during the surrogate's pregnancy, we recommend applying for a US visa. Many of our surrogates communicate with their intended parents regularly via programs like Zoom or WhatsApp.

In case I require assistance in transporting embryos from a different state or country, what options are available to me?

In the event that you require assistance in transporting embryos from another state or country, we have the necessary resources to facilitate the transfer to your chosen IVF clinic for use with your new surrogate. Our services can save you the trouble and costs of creating new embryos.

How long should I expect to stay in the United States after the birth of my child?

We advise international intended parents to plan on staying for 3-4 weeks after delivery to allow sufficient time for court proceedings, birth certificate issuance, and visa/passport application. Our agency will guide you through this process, and depending on the paperwork involved, you may be able to return home sooner.

Will my language barrier prevent me from communicating with your agency or surrogates?

No, our agency has staff who can communicate in Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese to cater to our clients from diverse backgrounds.

What if my surrogate needs to be seen by a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist?

Dr. Steve Rad is an exceptional Obstetrician Gynecologist with dual board certification and extensive training in Maternal-Fetal Medicine/Perinatology. With his outstanding skills and expertise, he has built a distinguished reputation as one of the top Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists in Los Angeles. His exceptional contributions have been consistently recognized by esteemed publications like Los Angeles Magazine Top Doctors and Southern California Rising Stars, cementing his status as a highly regarded professional in his field.

As a perinatologist, Dr. Rad offers complete pregnancy care that encompasses prenatal care, advanced detailed ultrasounds, and delivery services. This comprehensive support is extended to intended parents who prefer their surrogate to deliver in Los Angeles.

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