What makes Bliss Surrogacy unique?

Our agency is founded and operated by a former intended parent and surrogate. We have a firsthand understanding of the process from both sides, which means we can offer unique insights and guidance to surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents alike. Additionally, we have personal experience with the challenges and emotions involved, which makes us uniquely empathetic and supportive.

What medical procedures and risks are involved in being an egg donor?

Understanding the medical procedures and risks is crucial for potential egg donors. We will thoroughly discuss this during your video consultation.

What information about me is included in my egg donor profile for intended parents?

Your egg donor profile includes the answers and information provided in your online application, such as family health history, a photo gallery, essay questions, and a short video.

Can I apply to be an egg donor if I was adopted?

Yes, being adopted does not disqualify you from applying. As long as you can provide a complete family health history for your biological parents, grandparents, and siblings, you are eligible to apply. This information is crucial for intended parents to have insights into the future child's health. If you have access to this information, we encourage you to apply.

What happens after I am matched with intended parents as an egg donor?

Once you are matched with intended parents, our case management team will take care of you and assign a case specialist. You will undergo a psychological interview and a medical screening with an IVF doctor. Additionally, you will complete a contract with the intended parents through an attorney. The actual egg donation cycle can begin once medical and legal clearances are obtained.

If I need to travel as an egg donor, how much travel is involved, and how is it booked?

If travel is required, you will make two trips. The first trip is for a one-day medical screening, and the second trip is for the egg retrieval procedure, which can last 5-12 days. You will need a companion with you on the day of the retrieval. Travel arrangements for both you and your companion will be covered, and a travel agent will assist you in planning.

Is the compensation for egg donors negotiable?

No, the compensation offered to egg donors in our program is non-negotiable. First-time donors receive $10,000, and returning donors receive a minimum of $12,000. Some donors may be eligible for higher compensation based on specific factors. The compensation is not for selling eggs but to acknowledge the pain and suffering involved in the donation process.

How many times can I donate my eggs? Egg donors have the opportunity to donate their eggs up to six times.

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