We highly recommend Bliss Surrogacy to anyone considering surrogacy. Their expertise, compassion, and attention to detail were evident from the start. They supported us every step of the way, providing valuable guidance and connecting us with an incredible surrogate. Sara and Yvette were there for us and our surrogate the entire time. The support and compassion they provided was way beyond our expectation!  Thanks to Bliss Surrogacy, our family is now complete, and we couldn't be happier!

Jennifer and Christopher

Choosing Bliss surrogacy Los Angeles as our agency was the best decision we made on our journey to parenthood. We initially decided to go with this agency because of their personal experience being involved in a surrogacy journey. We also learned that they screen their surrogates before they nshow us the possible matches. This really helped us feel much more confident! Their knowledgeable and dedicated team guided us through the entire process, addressing our concerns and providing emotional support. They matched us with an exceptional surrogate who shared our vision.

Maya and Caleb

Picking Bliss Surrogacy was a fantastic choice for us. They made us feel at ease throughout the entire process. Our surrogate was amazing, and the care and support she received from was outstanding. We are extremely grateful to them for making our surrogacy journey smooth and unforgettable.

Harper and Noah

As a surrogate, I felt valued and respected throughout the entire process. They carefully matched me with a loving and appreciative intended family, and their ongoing support made all the difference. Yvette who is an experienced surrogate herself, was there for me whenever I had a question or concern. She was full of great tips and advice! This agency truly cares about their surrogates and intended parents!


I feel incredibly blessed to have chosen Bliss Surrogacy for my surrogacy journey. Their team was there for me at every step. They matched me with a wonderful couple, and witnessing their joy as they welcomed their first child was a truly heartwarming experience.


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