What makes Bliss Surrogacy unique?

Our agency is founded and operated by a former intended parent and surrogate. We have a firsthand understanding of the process from both sides, which means we can offer unique insights and guidance to surrogates and intended parents alike. Additionally, we have personal experience with the challenges and emotions involved, which makes us uniquely empathetic and supportive.

How do I begin the process of becoming a surrogate?

Contact us and we'll guide you through the pre-qualification process. Once you're pre-qualified, we'll have you fill out a detailed profile to match you with your intended parents.

What is the base compensation for surrogate mothers?

Surrogate mother’s compensation varies based on certain factors such as carrying multiples or requiring a C-section. Intended parents cover any fees incurred during the surrogacy.

How does the surrogate compensation work?

The surrogate compensation is held in escrow and distributed monthly throughout the pregnancy, with the remaining balance paid upon the birth of the baby.

What about health insurance for surrogacy?

We'll enroll you in a surrogate-friendly health insurance plan and the intended parents will cover all associated fees.

Can I work with your agency if I don't live in Los Angeles?

Yes, you'll only need to travel for the initial medical screening and embryo transfer. We can arrange for appointments at a clinic closer to your home.

What if my significant other doesn't support my decision to become a surrogate?

Unfortunately, support is necessary for surrogates, but if you're single, you can choose a designated support partner to accompany you throughout the process.

Will I work with multiple case coordinators/managers throughout the journey?

No, you'll be working with only one person from beginning to end!

Will I meet the intended parents?

Intended parents and surrogates usually meet via video call before moving forward with a match, if meeting in person is not feasible.

What legal protections are in place for me as a surrogate?

Under California law, a surrogacy contract must be legally binding, and both the intended parents and the surrogate must have independent legal counsel. We'll guide you through this process and ensure that the contract is fair.

Can the intended parents change their mind?

It's unlikely, but in the event that it happens, the surrogacy contract is legally binding.

Will the surrogacy pregnancy be different from a natural pregnancy?

Once your body accepts the transferred embryo, the pregnancy is no different from a traditional pregnancy. However, you'll need to take hormone medication until your body is producing the hormones on its own.

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